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Mike Woodson's five best coaching moves

The Mario

As formally defined here, it officially stands as a tactic to rest Joe Johnson for upwards of 35 seconds of game time but usually no more than 10. Mario is chosen not for his actual defensive skill and certainly not for anything resembling an offensive repertoire but exclusively because Coach Woodson can guarantee Mario will try excruciatingly hard despite all reason pointing to do the contrary.

The Horford Treatment

For Coach Woodson, two fouls in the first half is basically a life or death matter. Not funny haha, but actual get the hell off the floor before you the life leaves your body sort of situation. First noticed by Bret, this coaching maneuver is extraordinarily useful as Hawks players only foul out when they are named Mario (see above) or are willing to commit more than three frustration fouls a game (see Josh Smith). While the whole practice can appear pointless and even detrimental at times, one must always remember lives are being saved.

The offense will work itself out offense

Sometimes called out athleting the other team. This Woodson tactic specializes in isolation, drives to the hoop by power forwards starting from two feet outside the arc, and at least four nearly motionless players. Coach Woodson employs this method so that he can focus on defense. Minus the defense of the pick and roll. He clearly does not care about that.

The there is three minutes to go in the first put in Mo Evans for Marvin Williams sub rotation

Deeply philosophical in nature, a strategy birthed in the mountain streams of the Andes. It centers around the fact that no matter what at the three minute mark in the first quarter Marvin goes out and Mo goes in.

The open mouth stare

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Silent but effective well silent.


Got a favorite Woodson coaching move you do not see. Let me know.