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Game Thread #56: Atlanta Hawks @ Utah Jazz

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Atlanta Hawks
@ Utah Jazz

Monday, Feb 23, 2009, 9:00 PM EST
EnergySolutions Arena

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WHO: Atlanta (32-23) at Utah (33-23)

WHERE: Sports South, Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass

Hawks Injury Report: None except some dude named Craig.

Blazers Injury Report:Carlos Boozer is making his return against the Hawks. How nice of him.

Blogging With the Enemy: SLC Dunk

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: Mehmet Okur once went for 85 points in Phillips Arena. I was there, and it was horrible. He even did the hands to the sky pose after one three that seemed to say "I cannot be touched. I am a god amongst men." I hate Okur. Anyway, I am going with Deron Williams as we continue the west coast swing the road down terrible Billy Knight decisions.

Game Preview:

On the rare occasion I choose to root for the rich guy, I like to pick ones that are stupendously generous. Mr. Larry H. Miller seemd to be one of those guys. Peachtree Hoops sends its sincere condolances to the Miller family and the Jazz faithful.

Onto the game, Utah has always been a very tough place to win on the road. With Utah seemingly rounding into form winners of their last four, I am hoping Boozer's return finds a way to disrupt the current rotation, hurt Kirilenko's feelings, and peer pressure Williams into only shooting contested three pointers before Carlos announces at halftime he is signing next summer with the Heat

Outside of that happening (I could actually see the first two occuring), the Josh Smith that tries needs to show up in a big way, and the shooting of the post all-star break Bibby would be nice too.

See you in the game thread from Taco Mac.

Go Hawks!