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Trail Blazers 108 Hawks 98 or how I am running out of ways to complain about the same things in different ways

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That would sum up this game. Pure unadulterated jealousy. 

And it may because I already knew the outcome when I started watching so instead of freaking out about the laundry list of freak outs that I normally check off during the course of a Hawks game, I simply sat and got jealous.

Because didn't the Rose Garden sound like a playoff atmosphere? Didn't you wish we had a Channing Frye to come off the bench instead of a Solomon Jones?

I have lots of complaints about this game. But they are the same complaints I always have. It gets boring after a while. You can only demand for Al Horford to have more shots so many times before it becomes annoying. So I am not going to complain today. It is just tacky at this point. One thing I will say for future games against Portland, Josh Smith should not try and guard Brandon Roy. That is not a complaint though just a recommendation.

So here are the positives from last night.

  • Hawks had good energy coming out. Josh Smith had one of those Josh Smith blocks. And that made me happy.
  • Flip Murray is on an offensive tear fueled undoubtedly by not being selected HORSE competition.
  • Mike Bibby is shooting the ball great, playing great contract basketball.
  • Marvin continues to drive the ball well. If someone showed game tape of his rookie year side by side with film from last night, it would look like two different offensive players. That first year, I don't think I ever saw Marvin take three coordinated steps in a row with the basketball.

But seriously who am I kidding? I am going to complain, but I will keep it very brief. One sentence will do.

I do not understand one thing Mike Woodson does to help this team win.

I hope you disagree with me. I want to change my perspective. Because last night, the biggest jealousy I had was watching Nate McMillan coach for the other team. Is there any doubt that those fans can show up that loud on a random Friday night because they know their coach will give the team a chance to win. Hawks fans show up hoping the players perform exceptionally well because that is the only way this team wins.