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Lakers 96 Atlanta 83 or where I waste 2 hours of my normal sleeping pattern

Box Score

Game Recap

Repeat after me:

The Hawks were not suppose to win that game.

The Hawks were not suppose to win that game.

The Hawks were not suppose to win that game.

I feel better already. A little reality check in the system is a good thing. Ok lets get to what the players had to say.

Mike Bibby continue to ease the sting please.

“What the [expletive].”

errrr ok.


“Our starters were [expletive]"


Two things are not going to win games against good (let alone great) basketball teams. Getting out rebounded by almost 30 boards and playing selfish, bad offense.The Hawks were willing to press that theory last night...theory still holds.

Rebounding shows up in the box score?

Josh Smith going through an entire game without a rebound is just horrible effort. I can't think of any other excuse. But it was not just him. The whole team was bad. An example from the second quarter that I will try to type through my tears. A Laker shoots a long jumper. No one boxes out Pau Gasol. A problem of course, but Joe leaves Kobe and stands directly behind Pau either planning to out tap the 7 footer for the ball or to get an over the back foul. Instead of doing either, the ball simply goes to a now unboxed out Kobe on a long rebound for an easy score. This is more than bad effort; it is bad basketball and bad basketball leads to triple doubles in the third quarter.

David Lee probably would have come down with 30-33 rebounds last night.

Webster would be pissed defining this an offense.

Mike Woodson thought the Hawks did not respond from the Lakers punch in the mouth. True enough, but Woodson only ever gives the team one type of punch to fight back with. A jab is a great go to move but not when the guy is blocking it with one hand and giving you the business with the other it seems adequate to switch it up. You know for your face's sake. 

Start Mario West tonight?

I am not against it.