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Hawks 99 Pistons 95 or where Flip Murray hates the basket and the Pistons equally

Final - 2.11.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Atlanta Hawks 24 24 28 23 99
Detroit Pistons 24 22 22 27 95

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Box Score


I thought this was a great win. I thought it was an important win. Which is why I was so surprised at this quote from Detroit Bad Boys:

Is Joe already checked into his Phoenix hotel? I submit that nobody in the NBA has more tradable pieces. Does anyone here place a lot of stock in this game? If we don’t, you can guess that the Pistons don’t either.

Really? Granted I don't really know what it is like to have a non-terrible team to root for so maybe I am just way off base, but wasn't this game like a mini college football bowl game? Something to build on for the second season. And isn't any team that you may meet in the playoffs at least a decent game? Again, I am ignorant when it comes to legitimate fandom, but this makes me want to play the Pistons in the playoffs.

I guess I am just on Big Al's side, and my experience that is a good side to be.

"This was just a huge game for us, and I think we all understood the importance of this game and finishing strong going into the All-Star break," he said. "For me, each game I feel better. Tonight I finally felt like I was back to myself, and now hopefully we can get a little momentum going into the break and beyond."

Big Al makes me a prophet not an idiot.

11 shots and a victory. Soooo, make that 4-0 on the season.

The opening quarter Woodson fed Al and he missed every fade away and therefore every shot he took. I am not quite sure where his hook across the middle was, but Al moved out and started hitting his fifteen footer then had a couple of dunks and a put back and bam the man is a full fledged part of the offense.

I am not sure whether to be mad looking back or happy looking forward that Al's involvement happened so easily tonight.

Flip Murray

"Flip was a beast out there tonight" Josh Smith.

I don't want to keep refering back to old posts but it is really hard not too when you are right so few times. I feel like this blog is like my fiance and well....I guess I will just say I am usually wrong and that Flip Murray should be in the Horse tournament.

Another half time buzzer beater. And then he spent around 10 minutes in a staring contest with the basket and won.

About one year ago Flip was cut by the Pistons. Now, he very well be on his way to one more multi year deal following this season.


I for one enjoyed the two game Acie Law era while it lasted.

Joe rarely pressed this game. A very efficient 27 points. He was Flip Murray esque for about five minutes. And all under forty minutes of playing time. I for one am pissed. All-stars play AT LEAST forty minutes!

Where did Rasheed Wallace go?

I like a rotation of more than eight guys but Woodson did a pretty good job distributing minutes last night. Color me impressed.

Larry gives out his usual, entertaining awards on the game.

And thanks Rodney Stuckey for reminding me that I am still an idiot. You were only a bane to my preview's existence.

Final Thoughts

Winning 4 our 5 going into the break. Ending with a road win in Detroit. 31-21 overall. 4th seed in the East. For all my complaining, whining, and crying, this is a great place to be.

Hawks get healthy, find rest, great work and go Hawks!