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Game Thread #50! Washington @ Atlanta

Next Game

Washington Wizards
@ Atlanta Hawks

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2009, 7:00 PM EST
Philips Arena

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WHO: Washington (11-40) at Atlanta (29-21)

WHERE: No TV (and I am not happy about it), Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass

Hawks Injury Report: Mike Bibby is a game timer t and apparently Acie will never see the court again so prepare yourself for some serious Flip

Wizards Injury Report: Pretty much everyone but Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison.

Blogging With the Enemy: Bullets Forever

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: I really want to say Nick Young, but I have to go with Caron Butler and that is my final answer.

Game Preview:

If I thought God cared about NBA basketball, I would pray that Al Horford has a break out (since injury) game tonight. But I don't think the good Lord much cares.

How damaging would a loss tonight be though? Put it this way, if we are down in the fourth quarter, I am going to start praying God has a thing if not for the NBA than at least for Georgians on their birthday.

This is an open game thread and for all you with league pass, I would love to hear your thoughts. Regardless, prepare for a halftime rant by me with little more than a boxscore to go on.

Go Hawks!

and for those without tv, go read a lively discussion that I joined on Acie Law and why Mike Woodson does or does not but probably does suck over at Hoopinion.