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Hawks players think Mike Woodson deserves a contract extension

You are not going to find better quotes from Hawks players than CelticsBlog look at Mike Woodson's contract extension. It gives you a peak inside Woody's coaching style. I have to admit, his gruff, unpolished way with the media, emphasis on defense, and inability to trust certain players has always overshadowed what this article shows, and that is Woody has a loose, carefree style. I guess you have be that way in order to allow a 13 win team mature into a perennial playoff team. But seriously, if you told me two years ago, that Mike Woodson would be described as a "player's coach," I would have washed your mouth out with soap.

Go read the whole post. It is really great. These insights into how Woody operates will probably give credence to whichever side of debate you fall on, but it is nice to have some quotes to back it up. One of my favorites is from Mike Bibby.

I love him and I’ve had a lot of coaches in my time. For some coaches I say I like, and got along with, and some coaches I didn’t. You know, I mean I love Coach Woodson. He’s relaxed. He has fun. I think that’s what you got to do.

I love coming to work here and…I can talk to him. I can give him my input on the team and stuff like that and not a lot of coaches let you do that.

I don’t think, right now, I could be in a better situation and actually that’s another reason why I came here, came back here.

Just how… being comfortable with the coaching staff and my teammates.

How do you rate him with all the other coaches you played for?

Definitely one of the top. I’ve had a couple…I’ve had Lionel Hollins, umm….Rick Adelman and Coach Woodson’s right up there with those two, too.