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Comment of the Game Thread Contest Update

If you were not on the edge of your seat reading every last one of the 72 reasons to be excited about the Hawks, you may have missed that the comment of the game thread is indeed a contest. Why you would not have printed out those reasons, bound them, and read them as a nightly devotional, I don't know, but I do know some of you sadly have not.

So for you people who do not parse each of my sentences, you should know the comment of the game thread is indeed a contest. At the end of the season, the person with the most comment of the game thread winners will receive an autograph basketball with every Atlanta Hawks' (and Mike Woodson!) signature. You can rec any comment you think should win. The comment with the most rec's wins or if there is a tie or not rec'd comments, I will choose. Simple enough.

I have missed the last few comment of the game thread so to catch up.

New York comment goes to Demortone with, "Ok, when Zaza is hitting step back jumpers, it is not going good for your team."

Detroit comment goes to Duff Man, responding to the comment "Jamal's passing abilities are something like heaven on earth" he said "I am now singing Belinda Carlisle."

Philly comment goes to Duff Man with "Bibby's rap name Lobmaster B."

Orlando comment to Erihury responding to the question of who is the better back up eastern European center, Gortat or Zaza "It is a debate that will go on until the end of time."

So as we stand now, here are the standings. Let me know if you think I am not crediting you with a winner. Clearly, still anyone's game.



Mr. Sanchez- 2

RivBoat Gambler-2

Bronn- 2

Buzzsaw- 1

Eyy- 1

CoachKCastellon- 1

Hawksdawgs- 1

Jesse28- 1

Bonhoffer- 1

Demortone- 1