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Atlanta Hawks 110, Indiana Pacers 98 or good job.



When a team does exactly what it should, what can you say but good job? Sure we would like to prognosticate how this means Josh Smith and Al Horford should see more touches and we would like to start worrying about our benches bad play, but really, the Hawks took massive gain from their natural advantages to win a game. Tough to complain about that...or applaud it. I once tried to argue with my friends about how awful a land war in Asia was and it was bad. So I won't do it hear. You just don't complain about weaknesses being weaknesses when advantages remain such. Because even if we take off homerism hat, I struggle to see how many teams can beat us 4 out of 7 times if the Hawks pounce on the obvious strategic advantages they have.

That being said, watching someone be awesome even if you know they should be awesome is still quite awesome. So tonight the Hawks starting front court was in a word...excellent. And even though I know it was against Roy Hibbert, Troy Murphy, and Tyler Hansbrough, those two were 20 for 28 from the field. Jason Collins has not been 20 for 28 from the field in warm ups since Stanford. They also had a ho hum near 20 point 20 rebound game and 5x5. Basically, they were sensational. No matter the team. They succeeded. That was a good game for Tim Duncan or Dwight Howard or Moses. What I am saying is we should tip our hat.

Victory Bullets

  • If the Hawks let the front court play, Joe Johnson is going to have the quietest 20 point games ever. And he already has basically silent 20 point games.
  • Troy Murphy is the biggest stat stuffer I have ever seen. It's like he counts cards.
  • Loose balls hate Marvin Williams.
  • One day Joe Johnson will get he is a rhythm shooter and over dribbling is actually bad for his game.
  • Jeff Teague with the most perfectly adequate horrible game ever.
  • Is anyone else scared by the fact that Jamal Crawford is pursing with great passion the four point play record.
  • Solo.....not any better.
  • The Joe, Horford, Josh trifecta is impossible to beat. You can argue that it can easily be stopped, but in the books, that three headed monster will eat you before it kills you.
  • Someone needs to start counting the travels the refs don't call on Zaza.
  • Prediction time: Tyler Hansbrough is either making an all star game or he is never going to be a serviceable starter.
  • Then again Psycho T is dwarfed by Josh Smith, and people want Josh Smith to play small forward.
  • No one needs to watch Jamal Crawford guard TJ Ford ever, ever again....ever.
  • All Mike Bibby is be perfect for this team. He is like Derek Fisher without the dirty fouls. But honestly, if Bibby committed dirty fouls it would probably be helpful.

Go Hawks!