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Atlanta Hawks 112, Minnesota Timberwolves 87 or ......



Unable to watch the game live, I woke up early this morning to enjoy an already accounted for Hawks win. I was excited the game was in HD. I was excited to watch Mike Bibby drill. I was excited to see with my own eyes what made Steve Holman say "Well Rando tries hard in practice..."

Apparently, my dish network guide lied to me. Or did not feel my same excitement. All I have for four hour is "check back often to see if your favoirte team is playing in HD." The "if" apparently being the key word.

So no recap from me. If anyone wants to write a good one as a fan post, I will promote it to the front page.

Until then, Hoopinion, THHB, and the AJC can certainly fill the void. Actually they can fill the void, dig another hole, and fill that too.

Go Hawks! Do not go Dish Network HD!