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Atlanta Hawks a bazillion, Toronto Raptors 115 or where defense apparently matters

Chris Bosh played 16 minutes and was minus twenty for the game. The best quarter the Raptors put together was the fourth when they scored 31 points and gave up 32. Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Joe Smith only missed when they got bored. Mike Bibby scored 12 points on four shots and that was with missing his lone free throw. Joe Johnson had a double double with points and assists a little after halftime. To put it more succinctly, the Hawks won in every way and might of even done some of the impossible on the offensive end. 

The Raptors are a bad defensive team that may have played their worst defensive game of the year. So take the win with a grain of salt. Still, this one was so dominating, I would not blame you to heap a little slab of butter on there for extra weight. After all, bad defense or not, the Hawks did everything we wanted. They fed the ball inside, had good ball movement, worked inside out and around the key. They took good shots and hustled for offensive rebounds. Sure anyone can be inspired when doing good is so easy, but the Hawks still did that good and it was good to see.

This game was domination. It combined a horrible defensive team with a better team that caught fire on the offensive end and put forth effort on the defensive end because of an embarrassing showing last time out. It was a perfect storm, and any Hawks fans should take it and rejoice in it and possibly even say I told you so. Because despite all the chips falling in all the right direction, the Hawks did what they always need to do and that is rebound the ball, move inside out, and play team ball. The basketball might not always fall as well as it did tonight, but it will fall the right way more times than not when the Hawks play like they did this evening.

Victory Bullets

  • That Zaza offensive board and dive into the stands was probably the highlight hustle play of the year. The race is already over.
  • My wife's reactions? "Can you imagine Zaza jumping on you?" (long pause) "All that sweat and acne."
  • Jeff Teague continues to look completely capable of 10-12 minutes a night.
  • I have never seen a team guard the pass to the post less than the Toronto Raptors tonight. They let the Hawks grab the pass within dunk range almost every time.
  • Mo Evans played like he was angry he did not see any action in the first half.
  • Look at Zaza's line. It is everything that is awesome about Zaza.
  • I will take Joe Johnson scoring under fifteen points the rest of the season if he has over 10 assists. Hell, if he has over 7 assists.
  • Jason Collins put himself in a serious fg% hole to start the year.
  • The crowd looked sub-par to say the least.
  • The good news is if Marvin is hitting his outside shot his confidence immediately returns.
  • Josh Smith had one of the better 21 minutes outings you will ever see.

Go Hawks!