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Atlanta Hawks 110, Memphis Grizzlies 97 or was that fake domination?



Zaza Pachulia was part of an alley-oop tonight.

And no not even on the scoring side. He passed the ball to another player on his own team and it ended with two pints. This happened. I promise.

Tonight's game was more than weird. It climaxed in the second quarter with the Zaza assisted dunk, but the whole game tempted you to enter into the twilight zone. I can say I have watched a lot of Hawks games. A lot. I have yelled and cheered about anything and everything over the years, but tonight was so exhibition. I never worried about this game. I just felt our offense was better and our defense could work.

The whole time I kept asking my buddy "how are we only down three." Then he would say, "how are we up two." It was the Braves against UGA during spring training. And I would say this whole perspective was ridiculous. Maybe the Grizzlies played a mysterious game last night that no one knows about. Possibly these two were playing their hearts out toward winning or losing by 13 points.

This could be all true. Except both teams called it quits with eight minutes to go. At one point, I looked up at the scoreboard and the internal instinct said, "I should be nervous." They could come back from this. A guy could get hot. We could go cold. And then I looked down and saw Othello Hunter was in the game.

The Hawks won. They won big. You should be impressed. But you should feel weird.

Go Hawks!