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Atlanta Hawks 130, New Jersey Nets 107 or blogging is hard when you don't get to complain



The Hawks won. They were suppose to win. Number seven over 15 points. It is tough to be upset with anything about any player. Sure a few bad shots, some strong stretches of bad defense, and maybe some weird substitutions, but the Hawks did what they were suppose to. They dominated.

You see one blowout and you say there is nothing to learn. You watch two and you say they are starting to understand. But you witness three in a row and it is hard to understand the set as anything but something different, something new. Sure, the Hawks blew some people out in years past. They dominated here and there. But this consistence out classing is something new. You can name who they beat as an argument, but any team in the past seven or eight years would be overjoyed with these results no matter who occupied the other side of the box score. These Hawks are winning big when they are suppose to. And since they are one of the most talented teams in the league that is a hell of a dangerous combination.

A brief ode to Maurice Evans

He came in as the "defensive stopper." Well, he is not a defensive stopper. Average, yes, stopper, no. But what he does do is try. Try like there is no tomorrow. Against the Nets. The two win Nets. He went horizontal in the second half. Torso parallel to floor. Up 15 for an offensive rebound. And if you are going to have back to back games hitting about 70% of your shots then fans really can only stand up and applaud. Mo is playing with Mario West energy and shooting like hot Jamal Crawford. Will it last? Certainly not. Does it make you appreciate all the little things Evans will do every time he sees the floor whether he is hitting shots or not? You better believe it.

Jeff Teague Progressing my view of Mike Woodson

Maybe it is because the Hawks are winning. Maybe it is the recent up swell in minutes. Maybe it is Mike Bibby playing actual average defense. I don't know. But at some point, you have to say Mr. Coach Woodson, well done. I have disparaged Woody's player development for a while. Whether it was Josh Smith's three point shooting or Acie Law or Solomon Jones lack of improvement, I have just not see our coach push players toward productivity since his job has been on the line. Not looking toward the future one bit, all I can say is Jeff Teague is improving, the Hawks are winning, and everyone on the team seems happy with the speed of both. So Coach, well done sir.

Victory Bullets

  • Jamal Crawford flops a lot. He also gets no calls. Bad combination.
  • Name someone that helps a team's defense more than Josh Smith.
  • I love point guards that can dunk.
  • Brook Lopez is going to be so, so good.
  • Pretty sure Mo Evans made two jump shots off the dribble all year last year. This year he has like eight.
  • The Jeff Teague one man press is the best thing ever.
  • Congrats to Othello Hunter for entering the world of 09-10 NBA stats.
  • Watching starters routinely turn into towel waivers is the most surreal thing ever.
  • Teague is so upset about every missed shot. You know why? Because he can easily make them.
  • Bob Rathbun called the NBA "big boy basketball."
  • If Devin Harris ever gets on a good team, he is going to be annoying with the way he seeks fouls more than baskets.
  • It is kind of hard to put together, without any 30 point outbursts, but Al Horford is so much better at offense.
  • Loving the Eno by Zaza 
  • Up 25, diving into the stands, Randolph Morris you have earned whatever nickname you get.
  • Nique on Collins made basket, "The BIG GUY, STRETCHING THE DEFENSE!"
  • This was the Nets. Take everything but effort and Teague with a grain of salt.

Go Hawks!