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Atlanta Hawks 111, Toronto Raptors 89 or where everyone should be playing more.

The Hawks beat a team by a15 or more points ten times last season. Twenty-two games into this campaign the Hawks already have put six such whoopings into the box score. And two more of 14 points. It could mean any number of things or nothing at all, but what I can't help but prognosticate is that when the Hawks play well, they are really, really good, and the Hawks bench has improved dramatically. This team can get leads and the second unit can keep them down the stretch. Good for my beer budget. Good for our hearts. Good for the team.

If I knew how to use youtube, I would create a Hawks highlight mix for this game, throw down some hip hop beats in the background, and inter-splice Dominique Wilkins quotes. Josh Smith dunk. "Man the Raptors just don't play defense." Al Horford lay in. "if you move the ball, this team will not stop you." Mo Evans drive. "This team does not try." I think this could have real potential. Toronto fans might like it at least.

Because man, is Toronto bad at defense. This truth might have been best personified by the Hawks in the half court, pass to a wide open Mo Evans who had been drilling three pointers. Not only did Toronto not close out on a hot shooter. They did not move. So Mo took the slightly higher percentage shot, which was a baseline drive and slam. "No resistance."

Victory Bullets

  • I call these games "The Mo Evans opt-out performance."
  • Nique said you can start cold if the weather outside is cold. Interesting.
  • Dominique also hates centers who shoot three pointers. Vica vi he hates, and I mean hates Bargnani.
  • Anytime Zaza hustles it is the energy of the gods.
  • I have only watched three Raptors games, but is Bosh's rebounding total (he is second in the league), the most overrated stat in the NBA. No one else on the team tries to rebound so Bosh gets more opportunity than anyone in the league.
  • Mike Bibby was awarded a "heat check" after making one shot.
  • Look at our boy Jeff Teague. All grows up!
  • I religiously check Jeff's PER. I am aware this is weird. But you should be aware it is now over 15.
  • Another note, if Teague ever does become the Hawks starters, lets get some lights out shooters because Jeff could drive and kick as easily as he can walk with a walker on one of those moving walk ways.
  • Zaza's line six rebounds (four offensive), six of seven shooting, three fouls. Ahhhh how I love you.
  • Teague has 15 assists in his last 43 minutes.
  • I think the third quarter demonstrated Al Horford could have scored 40 if the Hawks were not shooting 50% from outside the arc.
  • Outside of the Hawks 8th and 9th men, no Hawk had a terrific game, and they still won by 22.

Go Hawks!