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Enough is enough, it is time to give the front court force of Morris and Collins a nickname

You certainly cannot give yourself a nickname. Sisqo the self-proclaimed "dragon" taught us that. But you cannot just give nicknames out to others without deep concern and thought either. So some people may think I am jumping the gun here. After all, I cannot even find a picture of Jason Collins and Randolph Morris together. But that is no matter. We have waited patiently for 21 games. Twenty-one agonizingly, long games, just to see both of these guys make a regulation basket from the field. And last night it happened, and it was beautiful.

So enough is enough, these two big men have clearly earned their right to enter into the Pantheon of front court greatness. Or at least into the front courts with nick names. Lets call it the "pantheon of being tall and able to touch your toes and by happenstance be on the same NBA team." What I am saying is Jason Collins and Randolph Morris need some kind of title that describes the fullness of their prowess of semi-coordinated excellence (FTPSCE). This is a blog and a community of many things. Some good, some bad, but what it will never be is a place that under appreciates fifteen minutes of two rebound, five point, one assist basketball.

The suggestion box is open until the end of the day. Vote with rec's. Vote with pride. God bless America.