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Atlanta Hawks 125, Denver Nuggets 100 or 82 games for a reason.



I will be the first to admit it. Joe Johnson is better at basketball than me. Not only that, guy has played more recently. So I don't feel that bad admitting that, at least for one game, Joe Johnson knows more about basketball than me.

30 assists. That was the response to Joe Johnson's critique of selfishness. Which is slightly more powerful than my 30 sentence critique. Who knows how much the first two were related, but we can be certain the three were not. I don't like Joe's post game style, but I certainly can admit it worked tonight.

The Hawks dominated. Period. End of story. No "and" or "buts." This was the anti Bobcats game, which is exactly what you want after a Bobcats game. A response. A game that says we were not what we were last night and we can be what we were tonight. It is why an 82 game season is long, and it is why an 82 game season is great. Don't freak out. Don't buy championship tickets. But hold on, this team can compete.

More tomorrow about why good Josh Smith is really awesome Josh Smith and the national media sucks.

Go Hawks!