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Joe Johnson, the royal prince of the post game quote

I am now convinced Joe Johnson speaks in the royal we.

"I don't know when we all of a sudden just really became a selfish team," Johnson said. "Now everybody wants to go one-on-one. It's me, me, me. It's crazy, man."

Do you think this is what Joe does when he tells a joke that isn't funny? The guy just makes mountains out of mole hills in a way that is hyperbolic without somehow encompassing his part in the problem. Impressive if the whole thing were not so annoying. I could care less about this game. Good defense does not make you miss wide open shots and bad defense cannot be credited for the other team drilling them at the rate Charlotte did. This was a bad game meets a great game, and the weaknesses we already know exist with this team were exaggerated because of it. But Joe needs to think of it as more than that. Because that is what leaders do.

Does he talk and talk until the AP writer smiles? I don't get it. If we are going to look at one on one basketball as a problem, the conversation begins with Joe Johnson. It certainly does not end there. He is not the sole problem, but 5-12 shooting with 1 assist is an odd time to go out and chastise one one play in others.

I agree with Joe's argument. If this was not his third crazy man critique in as many loses or he showed any indication that the truth within his rants pertained to him, I would be fine. But Joe's hyper emotional state is beginning to wear thin. One thing is for sure, I am never playing Monopoly with the guy. If he lost, I would have to talk him off the ledge.

So that is all I am going to say about this game, because well, it does not matter that much. The Hawks need to rebound, not settle for jump shots, show energy on defense, and play team basketball on offense. For most of us, we knew that before the Charlotte game. It is quotes like Joe's that make me think the best player on the team knows it for everyone but himself.

By the way, whatever idiot said to let the Bobcats shoot three pointers, should not be a coach or a blogger or even really a fan. That is just amateur hour to the extreme.

Comment of the game thread (tie)

RivBoatGambler: They have just beat us all night long- key word being all.

CoachKCastellon: That's it. I am watching Fern Gully. 

Go Hawks!