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Game day links

  • Most everyone is excited about the Hawks' start. Well, prepare to be freaked out. has them at number one. I blame Sekou Smith, and I do mean blame. UGA fans are fearing the worst everywhere.
  • After the last game between the Blazers and Hawks, Ben from Blazer's Edge tracked the Blazers fourth quarter offense. Really good look in to what could work and did work for the Hawks, and how the Blazers might try and counter.

Both players discovered those parallels during a bus ride in Phoenix last February after the All-Star Game when, fittingly, they were the only participants who didn't leave with an entourage or head to an after-party.

"After the game, everyone leaves with their entourage," Roy recalled. "And I'm the only dude leaving the game on the bus. Literally. Like, there's some assistants and some kids, and then me in the back.

"And then he walks on," Roy said of Johnson.

The whole articles is a very good read. Especially, Joe's continued emphasis on not wanting to be embarrassed.

  • ESPN joins the band wagon. If this was 70 games into the season, I would officially get no real work done (HT Buzzsaw).
  • The love parade continues with the Blue Workhorse.
  • And to bring it down a notch, Blaze of Love cares nothing for your Hawks unless you are Jamal Crawford. Real fear lies there.

More links coming as the day goes on.

Go Hawks.