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Josh Smith, humanitarian.

How impressive was this win? Not impressive. How good was it? Very good.

In the first half, the Hawks played bad defense. Jamal Crawford played horrible Mike Bibby's standards, and the Knicks played well. But how bad was the Hawks offense in the first half? If you are having trouble figuring it out, I would like to point you to the second half as exhibit number one.

Josh Smith

Every game where good Josh Smith comes to play is a victory for all people everywhere. I honestly feel like it is making the world a better place. At the very least, petty crime is decreasing. Josh Smith took three jump shots. Two of those were spite filled chunks of rage, but even on a shot foot, the guy went 10-15 from the field and grabbed 12 boards. I am telling you, the world is a better place. I am not even locking my doors anymore.

I cannot quite convince myself this Josh Smith is here to stay, but a move in the third quarter, where Josh got the ball with about six seconds to go, he sat wide open for a long jumper. To be honest, he probably should have taken the shot, but he didn't. He didn't take it. This coming to awareness is like Einhorn and Finkel without all the vomiting.

Al Horford

The Knicks apparently have no interest in guarding the screen and roll. Fine. Good really. Al Horford and Mike Bibby says thank you. And so I say this knowing other teams actually have some interest in defending it, but can we run that play more. I am not one to think Al Horford is in a position to get easy baskets whenever he wants them, but I do think his size, speed, and skill should get a few easy baskets every game. Horford and Josh Smith are made for the pick and rolls. God is borderline pissed we are not using them for their created purpose, and now that the good Lord gave us the Knicks to make it obvious, He is going to turn bad Josh Smith back on if we don't do it more.

Marvin Williams

In know way do I think Marvin has regressed, but he is certainly lost. And the old adage, "don't mess with what is working" only sounds good when things are working. Because when things stop working and Marvin Williams is crying in the corner unable to shoot the ball, we are going to say I wish we did something to carve out Marv's role on the team.

"We can wear a team down with our depth and our athleticism, and the way we're able to switch we can kind of stop a lot of plays being ran," Smith said. "We didn't play our best basketball, so we had to turn it around in the second half and we did."

Either Josh Smith is giving a lot of credit to Mo Evans or in context, there was heavy emphasis on athleticism.

Coming off a bunch of rest, the elevated play of the front line in the second half, and getting a full day off today with little travel makes the starters' huge minutes defensible but not non-worrisome.

Victory Bullets

  • But for reals, Horford and Smith played great games.
  • Nique thinks every shot Joe Johnson takes is a tough shot, especially when he makes it. I am starting to think that is not a compliment.
  • Maybe Maurice Evans is planning on opting out of his contract after all.
  • From Posting and Toasting "Speaking of which, watching Jamal Crawford from the opponent's perspective is still a wild experience. The feeling is identical, yet opposite. Instead of lamenting his shot selection but celebrating his improbable buckets, I found myself celebrating his shot selection but lamenting his improbable buckets. He can be positively infuriating in either light. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Jamal Crawford. Soft in the sense of compassion, but also soft in the sense of aortic decay. He's that kind of player."
  • Apparently, drilling jumpers and finding the open, cutting guy is not that that exciting, because I could not really think of anything to write about Mike Bibby except he was awesome and "more please."
  • I honestly thought Gallinari ended with 30 something points. Those were a loud 12.
  • Al Harrington just looks unhealthy.
  • For at least the third time this season, Joe Johnson made me aplogize to the television screen with a strong second half.
  • But seriously, learn to pass out of the double team.
  • Randolph Morris and Jeff Teague need not be on the same rotational plan.
  • If the Hawks ever start holding to the loose balls, they are going to have five more turnovers and rebounds a game. Everyone on the team grows lobster claws when they see an unconstrained ball bouncing around.

Go Hawks!