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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #22 the Hawks blogosphere



Admittedly, this is probably not in everyone's top 22. But shoot, if you come to this site, you are obviously not a blog hater and you more than likely hit up some others as well. Just to remove my quite obvious biases, take away Peachtree Hoops, and you have some dang good coverage of the Hawks around the ol' interwebs. Hoopinion, The Human Highlight Blog, The Vent, Hawksquawk forum, and Hawks Str8Talk provide detailed, creative, and wide ranging analysis and info on our team. And sure there is going to be some overlap of ideas and subject matter. Tough to blog about the Hawks and not mention Josh Smith's jump shooting or Randolph Morris' lack of smiling, but for the most part, these Hawks blogs hit unique subjects, rant about different things, and have a style all their own.

In a season where 82 games can seem like 52 too many, I find Hawks blogs and the comments therein a place to explore the infinite number of story lines, idiosyncrasies, stats, and emotions that come with being a fan of an NBA team. It would be tedious and irrelevant without good writing and interested readers but we have both. Looking forward to blogging another season alongside these sites and with you. And I mean that in the least cheesy way possible, which still is probably pretty cheesy. So I apologize for being cheesy.