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Preseason Preview and Game Thread #1: New Orleans Hornets @ Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Preseason 08-09 Game #1


@ Atlanta-hawks_medium
Phillips Arena
October 7th 2009 7:00 pm
No TV, Hawks Radio Network
Probable starters:
Chris Paul PG Mike Bibby
Morris Peterson SG Joe Johnson
Julian Wright
SF Marvin Williams
David West
PF Josh Smith
Sean Marks C Al Horford


Hawks Injury Report: Joe Smith and Mo Evans got treatment yesterday, and Woody said Smith and Collins probably will not play tonight.

Hornets Injury Report: They have no healthy big men that I have heard of other than David West.

Blogging With the Enemy: At the Hive

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: Preseason. Can't happen yet unless, Chris Paul is a constant bane in your existence as  Hawks fan.

Game Preview:

I wish this game was on TV because I am excited to watch the team again. Like unhealthy excited. Don't get me wrong. Steve Holman on 790 will be welcomed back with open arms, but I want to see Jeff Teague out there, get a look at Jamal Crawford, root on Othello Hunter. I guess I still will, just 1940s style.

Basically, it is time to start taking practice and those offensive sets and defensive schemes to the game level. The seasons does not start today, but a big step to winning that first game starts happening tonight. Get the starters sweating, figure out where the confusion is, mess with the rotation, play the 10th through 20th men. Done and done.

Keys to the game

  1. Don't get injured.
  2. Get in shape.
  3. Remember/start figuring out what playing in the NBA feels like.

Feel free to drop off your pregame thoughts or post game reactions. Or stay the whole game and post every thing awesome Steve Holman says. Anyone watching it live. Fanposts recaps are encouraged and will be met with great fanfare. Possibly a parade.

Go Hawks!