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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #25 game threads

I love the game-threads on this blog. That might come across as a tad egotistical, but it is not. Because I would hate them if I was always all by myself in there (I can take a random Kings game alone every once in a while but not 82). The game treads are informative. Shockingly good, live insight comes out of us. They don't let anything even mildly funny go without a mention. If you miss the game, they often recap it better than my actual recap. And mostly, the comments are just plain entertaining fun while watching a game. For someone that spent many a night when the Hawks were not fighting for playoff spots watching games by myself, I relish them. So thank you for making them something to relish.

If you are new to this site since the season ended, every game Peachtree Hoops has a game thread. The format allows for comments to auto refresh and you can post with ease. I can laud praise on that because I have nothing to do with its awesomeness. And speaking of awesome that I have nothing to do with, this year we have mobile commenting (actually we have had it for a while). If you have internet on your phone, you can post right into the comment thread. Which could be huge if you are at the game. Like if a Hawk is flying around out of control in the arena and no one at home knows what is going on other than Al Horford looks like he is about to cry.

I have other big news surrounding the game thread, but it won't be revealed until the top ten (yea, that big), but I wanted to get this reason in before our first game thread of the year that will happen tonight. No tv coverage until the final preseason game so it will probably be small, but anyone heading to the game or figuring out a way to garner info, feel free to join the good times, best of times in the game thread.