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Training camp bullets.

  • Training camp looks horribly boring. Meticulous practice. If you are not really into the Hawks, you would need to drink heavily to get through this look in. That being said I could not turn it off, and I was not drinking.
  • Mike Woodson was big ten player of the year and only played 14 games. Wow.
  • The first time Josh Smith looks interested is when he lays a pick on Woodson.
  • Rick Sund on Jason Collins use "i don't want to say give up fouls" but....yea that is what he means.
  • "Even Smooth can guard Pau Gasol." -Mike Woodson
  • Sund made the point that Jamal Crawford has never had an identity like he will with the Hawks. Most bloggers think he has a very specific identity, but it would not be a reach for me to buy Sund's argument.
  • The first look in on Woody mic'd up was 12 seconds of a blank stare. It was relatively awesome.
  • Joe Smith and Eric Snow are both the youngest of seven children. NOW YOU KNOW!
  • Zaza and Horford are excited to have bigs so they don't have to practice as much. Not because they are excited to play less in games. Or so says Eric Snow and so says me now too.
  • Three man weaves remind people they need treatment on something or other.
  • The one shot I saw Woody take he drilled.
  • Practice either is no running or horrible, never stop running.
  • Mike Bibby was accused of "court shaving."
  • Joe Johnson's arms are cut. Meaning they look strong.
  • Eric Snow says the biggest thing for Joe Johnson this year to go to the next level is the "trust factor." What can he do without the basketball? Eric Snow wants to be a coach right?
  • Fast break drill. Josh defending, pretends to jump. Player floats the ball over a non-jumping Josh. "Come on Smooth!" Woodson. "What's he want me to do." Josh Smith. Long pause. "It was a good floater." Sigh.
  • No one is scared of fouling.
  • Garret Siler's free throw form is ugly. He shoot the ball from his shoulder blades.
  • The Hawks were practicing showing on screens and not just switching. Which is awesome. Less awesome is Mike Woodson saying during the drill "I know you are going to switch but we are practicing this now."
  • The first team roots heavily against the second team. Which Mario West is on.....interesting.
  • Josh Smith talks a lot.
  • Thoughts on the scrimmage from many in the comments.
  • Most impressive (taken with a grain of salt): Othello Hunter and Mike Bibby's leadership.
  • Biggest letdown (taken with less than a grain of salt): Jeff Teague looked talented, but looked even more like a rookie.