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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #27 Mike Bibby's jump shot

Oh, Mike Bibby can't play defense. Oh, he forgets to push the pace. Sweet good lord, the man never drives the ball. Bibby is easy to pick on. I would be lying if I said none of those sentences ever came out of my mouth. He does not display the passion to mask the blunders. We see a smooth ballplayer and when smooth meets inept, it breeds fan anger.

But Bibby's passion does come through. It damn well shines. That jump shot. It breathes the passion of thousands of gym hours. Some nights the shot is off. Some nights Bibby goes on wild tangents of contested shots forced from spots he has no business being in.

But find Mike Bibby open in transition or create a set shot for him, and you are going to find a great looking basketball play. Mike Bibby is many things. One of them is a glorious shooter.