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Joe Johnson, enough is enough

So much has been written about Joe's position on the franchise player pecking order, on his athleticism and ball hogging, on his smooth scoring ability and strong defense, concerning his lack of leadership and ability to lead the team in assists, and regarding contracts, extensions, and trades. Can anymore be said about Joe Johnson and the Hawks?

And the answer is no. Nothing else can be said. Should be said. Don't get me wrong, what the Hawks do or don't do with Joe Johnson this summer will decide the fate of the franchise for the next half decade. Either he is a must keep or a must go. He is either an overpaid albatross or must pay for backbone. You could go either way. I could too, and it does not matter.

The season is here. Nothing more needs to be said. Joe may be the Hawks future leader or not. But he is that guy now. Joe may be the go to guy for years to come or he may have the wear and tear of a guy on the way down. But he is our go to guy now. The Hawks might just be better off without Joe in the years to come, but they are not now. Joe could be any number of things, but this year he is close to everything.

Those decisions will come. The either/or will rise to the forefront and have to be chosen. And when that time comes, Joe is far too important to this team and, this season, this teams is far too good for there to be any doubt one way or another come next summer. But first the season. And right now, Joe is our guy. He is our star. And I think it is quite fitting for a guy like Joe, that it is time for everyone to shut up and watch his game do the talking.

And for at least for one more season, I will be right along side. Cheering our captain like there is not tomorrow.

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