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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #2 Josh Smith dunking in Philips

Other cities have there thing that gets them fired up. LeBron's powder explosion or his run down block. KG's alley-oop dunk. Wade's block and slam. Almost every team has something. A never fail pump up.

None of them are like a Josh Smith dunk in Philips. And people can make callus jokes. They can mock the Hawks and their fans. And I would simply say, "Fine. You have no idea." Because they don't. If there is something innately impure about Josh's game, those brief seconds of dunk are the cleansing. Even at its emptiest, it turned Philips into a roudy a place. And come playoff time, it makes the arena down right scary.

I have actually spoken these words, "I cannot believe we lost. Josh dunked twice tonight." I meant it, and I was right.

When Josh Smith goes up for a dunk, he is better than anyone. And if even for a brief second, that means the team is better, and the fans are better. The game is in control. Our control. And we can take it over. Every time.

Go Hawks!