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Orlando Magic 123, Atlanta Hawks 83 or seriously?



Third Quarter Collapse

Hoopinion talks about how games that don't matter have no narrative. I tend to agree. But I usually make an optimistic one up anyway. However, tonight's game had one. It was a children book, low on ambiguity and intrigue, high on who sucks. And the Hawks were the character that sucked. That was the narrative.

Every part of this game was the worst. Let me put it this way, I thought the replacement refs were horrible for the Hawks and that was probably 107th worst thing about this game. The Hawks were bad at rebounding, shooting, defense, help defense, double teaming, transition offense and defense, dealing with the double team, running plays, coaching, and offense. Other than that it went pretty well.

This preseason, I desperately tried to curtail my optimism. They were fake games. They didn't count. And then this game happened. So now I guess I should curtail my negativity, but like before, I will express it and say it should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, these games don't matter.

  • What was the offensive game plan?
  • What was the defensive game plan?
  • Those questions were for the coaches.
  • Jeff Teague has officially come back to earth. His 4 to 0 assist to turnover ratio is great. However, Jeff going 0-15 was less than desirable. The good news is no one is going to stop him off the dribble. The bad news is Teague has no idea how to finish against an NBA level shot blocker.
  • Marvin Williams was non-existent. He was a bad Josh Childress out there. 
  • How can Joe Johnson not pass out of the double team? Who should I blame this on? 
  • Hubie Brown announced that game like he was on major sedatives and knew nothing about basketball.
  • Josh Smith is not annoying when he is non-existent on offense, but he is worrisome. 
  • Al Horford looked good on offense.
  • No one can guard Dwight Howard one on one in the entire league. The Hawks can't guard him with a double team. And if the Magic hit 60% of their threes? Well then, the Hawks lose by 50.
  • Repeat after me, Joe Johnson is playing like it is preseason, Joe Johnson is playing like it is preseason, Joe Johnson is playing like it is preseason, Joe Johnson is playing like it is preseason.

Orlando played great. The Hawks played bad. The Magic are also a better team. They were also at home. And it was also preseason. It still stings. It still makes you want to freak out. You want to cuss Woodson, you want to yell how Joe is not a franchise guy, you demand that Marvin will never turn any corners. We must calm down. The Hawks lost a game that did not matter against a team that everyone thinks is better. Forgive and forget. Or at least try to.

Go Hawks.