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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #10 Jeff Teague dunking on someone

The top ten. We have finally met you elusive minx.

This one has been on the short list since the very beginning. It has actually dropped a bit though because I am more excited about Jeff Teague's overall game that the brief glimpse of him dunking every 22nd game will actually be a bit of a letdown. Because if Teague can come out an average decent minutes, somewhere close to 12 a game, I expect more than dunks. And yes, some of those expectation is rookie mistake and sub-par defense, but a lot of it is crossovers into the lane in a blink of an eye, passes you didn't know happened until the assist is completed, and floaters so strange an awesome they are almost perplexing.

Yet that leaping ability is what is exciting at its core. Even if Teague only finds his way on the court five minutes a contest, every moment he has the ability to do something exciting. And it could be many things, but I look forward to the dunk the very most.

The man is not shy. Josh Smith's stitched finger has already made it very clear he will go up on anybody, and YouTube has made it clear he can succeed. And the dunk contest has made it clear that a small man jamming is somehow strangely more exciting for our human brains. Where the improbability is always a surprise. And so when Teague lifts off for the first time with only a seven foot hand in the way, I will be on my feet, doubting and hoping and somehow cheering on the underdog in all of us, as the 180 pound rookie point guard does the improbable. And the improbable made possible by God given ability is always exciting. It just is. And it just will be.