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Preseason Game Thread #5: Washington Wizards @ Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Preseason 08-09 Game #5

fake 2-1
fake 3-1
Phillips Arena
October 19th 2009 7:00 pm
No TV, Hawks Radio Network
Probable starters:
Gilbert Arenas PG Mike Bibby
Mike Miller SG Joe Johnson
Caron Butler SF Marvin Williams
Antawn Jamison PF Josh Smith
Brendan Haywood C Al Horford

The Horford jersey is pressed, the tarot cards are put away, the mental preperation to arbitrarly berate Branden Haywood is complete. Yes, tonight, the Highlight Factory will once again be open for my business.

Just in case my first return trip to Grorin's beer goes horribly overboard, all pregame, in game, and post game thoughts are encouraged. And I know for a fact Steve Holman does not like to be alone so if you are not joining me, join him on radio (ed. note: I actually know very few facts about Holman). The starters are suppose to crack 25 minutes tonight. And we get to pretend to garner information with a fake game about a possible competitor in the east. So you should feel the excitement.