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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #18 An 11th-15th man making an impact

We are not talking big impact. It might be a one possession thing, but it is that moment in the game where a guy who is clearly not better than anyone on the floor gets an opportunity and makes a play and that play matters. Maybe it is just because everyone roots for the underdog or that it almost has to be the result of hustle or you just want a reason to mock the other teams' star, but whatever "it" is, it is damn exciting. One of the rare adrenaline rushes for both fans and players.

Over the past two years, you could almost call them Mario's (but that phrase already has been taken) because the man specializes in them. No one would claim Mario West should be out there or that he makes a positive impact every time or that he won't probably be beat the very next time down the floor, but in that moment, Mario has stepped up against some of the best in the game. Kobe, Dwyane, Tony Parker.

He overreacts. He is a bad winner. He acts like he has never been there before.  And you know what? It is incredibly freaking exciting. Few things get me out of my seat faster. Mario might not be with us this year, and I won't be all together sad, but I will miss these underdog moments. So here is looking at you Othello Hunter, Juan Dixon, Garrett Siler, or whoever. We don't expect you to contribute all the time, but we look forward to the brief moments that you do.