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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #19 the scorekeeper

So maybe this is less something to be excited about and more just exciting. If you can say one out of every 41 games something game changing is going to happen from the scorers' table then it has to make the list. It is like breathing if somewhere in every 41 breaths you had a total freak out.

Two years ago was the redo game. The Shaq foul out that was not a foul out that turned into a pivotal 51.9 second game with serious playoff implications on the line. Tell your grand kids about that one and they will make fun of you for living in the stone ages. Later that year we also had an early clock start against Toronto. Not that big a deal unless of course, it starts early with a second left in the game. And just for good measure, back in 2006 the Hawks forgot to count a basket by TJ Ford that actually happened in regulation.

I have no doubt this job is very hard (things are not easy just because they are usually done right) or that these gaffs all fell on the same person, but the fact remains, they seem to happen in Atlanta more than other places. And knowing something that is always taken for granted could actually affect the game is a bit exciting. Well, maybe not exciting, but at least edge of your seat causing, you know, like someone driving on the wrong side of the road.

(HT to Dwyer, Skeets, and Outside the NBA for reminding me of the fun times.)