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Jumping past conclusions all the way to way to pointless comparisons with Jeff Teague

I am the first to admit Jeff Teague's performance so far in the preseason is a pleasant sight but not all together exceptional considering the competition he is playing against, and that if even he only went against starters, this is still the preseason with fake refs and fake effort and even still more, he has played three games. That is the worst Faulkner impersonation ever all to say we know Jeff Teague has not been disastrous so far and that is about it. Any speculation about how preseason play translate is like telling someone you speak dog.

But a guy can compare preseasons right? Maybe the apples are rotten, but it is still apples to apples. For the sake of perspective, I looked up Acie Law's rookie preseason stats (this was nearly impossible to do). I found five boxscores and Acie played in four of them. He hurt his wrist to miss one and some say that injury affected him the whole season or at least affected Woody's opinion of him, but of these games, only one came post injury.

So back in 2007, Acie Law IV averaged 8.75 points (on 36% shooting), 3.5 foul shots (making 50% of them), 4 assists to 2.25 turnovers, and no three pointers. All while playing around 33 minutes a game. 

In three games, Jeff Teague 16 points (on 41% shooting), 9 foul shots (making over 81% of them), 5.3 assists to 2.33 turnovers, and no three pointers. All while playing exactly 31 minutes a game.

During the regular season, Acie shot better from the field (40.1%), hit more of his free throws (79%), and had roughly a 2 to 1 turnover ratio. His free throw attempt rate dropped to less a one a game in 15 minutes of action. What does this comparison tell us? Jeff Teague is better as a rookie in the preseason than Acie Law. That is something we hoped for and little else. Pushing the comparison too far is really just bad fandom, but I find the side by side interesting. And you can flame the assumption, but I will go out on a limb and say Jeff Teague has, far and away, a better game to score in the NBA than Acie Law. Confidence, aggression, and limited mistakes are what stand in the way of a decent translation from the preseason to the real deal. And there you go, I just spoke dog.