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Atlanta Hawks 107, Charlotte Bobcats 90 or where winning is not as fun when you can't get excited about it.



Rufus on Fire

Hawks win again. Jeff Teague enthusiasm must again be tempered, Hawks starters play short, efficient minutes, and the replacement refs worry me. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2009 preseason.

  • Apparently starting centers in the NBA are much quicker than back ups because Zaza Pachulia is making Steve Holman crack up with his offensive skills. I can't imagine Zaza has come back with a vast new repertoire so all those spin moves and reverses that normally turn into travels and charges look like big hulking things of humorous beauty in the preseason. Zaza!
  • Juan Dixon on Gerald Wallace is a bad matchup for the good guys. 
  • Marvin Williams seemed very aggressive in the first quarter. If I was following the play by play correctly, Marv took a dribble up three point late in the first quarter. That has certainly never happened before. Maybe he read my post. 
  • The rest of the game made it clear, he did not.
  • Josh Smith's free throw shooting woes, which may be the most regular season stat of them all, returned tonight. 5-10 from the charity stripe. 
  • Jeff Teague should demand replacement refs stay. Dude is living at the line. He may get fouled harder, he may meet a few more skilled shot blockers, he may start getting a few less calls, but Jeff Teague is going to beat his first man. Plain and simple.
  • Othello Hunter fouled out in 21 minutes. No good. Other than that his play is the possible inclusion of Mario West's on the roster over him look silly.
  • Larry Brown was thrown out of this game. Reason number 234 why the old refs need to come back. Reason number 233? The game lasted two and half hours. So far I am at 320 reasons for the old refs to come back and two (Jeff Teague's free throw rate and Steve Holman mocking them even in a blowout win) for them to stay locked out.
  • How much is Vladimir Radmanovic  getting paid again?
  • Check out the highlights to see Marvin's new handles.
  • Josh Childress had 16 points on 12 shots and 4 rebounds against the Cavs. Tonight was his superbowl guys.
  • Steve Holman shouted out to the Hawks blogosphere in the post game. I am going to assume he was referring to Hoopinion and pretend he was referring to me. Which means I am going to bed happy.

Highlights after the jump and go Hawks!