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72 reasons to be excited about the Atlanta Hawks: #20 Marvin Williams' game winners

Marvin Williams is a cold blooded assassin who happens to be in semi-retirement.

He hoisted a would be game winner against the Celtics last year before the Hawks allowed a final gasp to be breathed by one of the two players they should have denied. Still, Marvin hits free throws in the clutch and drives to the basket with such ease in the fourth quarter you are too busy pumping your fist to ask where that was the other three periods. He knocks down warm up jumpers with two minutes to go. A Marvin shot goes in late in the game you find yourself saying "thank you..." as if it is what you wanted all along even though you had not thought about it until now.

Marvin Williams is the must clutch guy that has never really been clutch ever. He doesn't have many (any?) game winners. He just makes it so they are not necessary. Marvin makes leads happen, and his non-nonchalant attitude goes from annoying to irreplaceably great. 

Marvin's clutch statistics (stats in the last five minutes with neither team up more than five points) are kind of ridiculous. His adjusted shooting percentage on his jumpers  is 78.6%. That stat is not a misprint. Marv draws a foul 15% of the time. That is double the rate of Joe Johnson. The dude's adjusted shooting percentage overall is 76.5% in these clutch moments.

The sample size is small. Marvin does not have many shot attempts in these areas, but just when he is on the floor, the Hawks are +31 in these clutch moments. The problem is Marvin makes those baskets 79% of the time off assists and 81% of the shots are jumpers. Marv is ready. He is waiting, cold blooded, but the semi retirement is keeping him from taking the strong initiative that could wipe out whole teams.

So Marvin, if their is one place I would love to see your ability meet reality, it is in your "I will rip your heart with a calm mustache smile" mojo. I am excited for game winners. I am excited for awkward dancing. I am excited for Marvin to come out of retirement.