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Detroit Pistons 100, Atlanta Hawks 91 or where box scores become tarot cards.

Hawks vs Pistons recap

Hawks vs Pistons boxscore

Motown String Music

The Hawks lost to the Pistons. If I was really honest with you, I would tell you how I started freaking out about it, how I got this little pit of my stomach dread going, I literally had to go mind over heart. It took some willing. Point is, I am idiot and these games don't matter. They really don't, not even a little bit. It is all about getting a feel, for the players, coaches, and fans, and you hope they are getting that feel and.....and well, it feels good, but final results don't matter. They really don't. My wife made fun of me yesterday for even kind of caring.

Getting that feeling:

  • Josh Smith had a shot chart we all want, and he still went 3-9. I don't care. Keep giving us that shot chart.
  • Al Hoford missed all five of his jump shots. I will give him a pass for celebrating the Gators win the night before.
  • Jeff Teague had an 8 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. Everyone should be exceedingly pleased with that. 
  • I don't know if it is replacement refs calling touch fouls or preseason games being called extra tight, but Teague appears to have no problem getting to the line. If he can keep his health doing that, he will be a real contributor to this team. 
  • Mike Bibby was over this game.
  • Josh Smith with another 7 board night in 21 minutes. With three of those being offensive to boot. 
  • Not really sure if Othello Hunter is horrible at defense or just really bad because the way he is playing on the offensive end in the scrimmages I have seen and the box scores of the two preseason games, it is not even close when you compare the other guys fighting for a spot. Last night 6-9 for 14 points and 7 boards in 24 minutes. 
  • The Hawks pulled down 18 offensive rebounds. Nice to see an off shooting night sees higher returns here. I don't think that was ever the case last year.
  • And now to way over analyze something. During the season ticket holder festivities, the veterans hazed the rookies a bit. A dance contest, some happy birthday singing, the usual stuff. The only guys that had to go out there were Othello Hunter, Jeff Teague, and Garrett Siler. So I guess we can rule out Courtney Sims making the team.
  • Mario West had 3 fouls in nine minutes of play. And no points or rebounds. Mario fanatics. You should be nervous.
  • Juan Dixon got a technical. I find that to be very funny. 
  • Another good job by Woodson to keep starters minutes at a decent level.

Any other thoughts from the Box Score? Anyone have a chance to listen to a radio broadcast? Anyone want to mock the fact that I just took all that from a boxscore? All of these things are welcomed and warranted.

Highlights after the jump.

Go Hawks!

First half.

and full game: