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Preseason Preview and Game Thread #2: Atlanta Hawks @ Detroit Pistons

Atlanta Hawks 09-10 Preseason Game #2



fake 1-0
fake 2-0
The Palace at Auburn Hills
Oct. 11, 2009 6:00 pm
No TV, Hawks Radio Network
Probable starters:
Mike Bibby PG Rodney Stuckey
Joe Johnson SG Richard Hamilton
Marvin Williams
SF Tayshaun Prince
Josh Smith PF Charlie Villanueva
Al Horford C Kwame Brown

Hawks Injury Report: Jamal Crawford and Joe Smith sat out the open scrimmage.

Pistons Injury Report: Unknown. Drive to research preseason injuries on a beautiful Sunday is lacking. Jonas Jerebko will punch you in the face though. Preseason be damned.

Blogging With the Enemy: Mowtown String Music

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: The "DET-ROIT BA-SKET-BALL!" chant.

Game Preview:

In short, I think the same thing that happened last game will happen this game. The starters will look sharp, Josh Smith will take more jump shots than anyone is comfortable with, Jeff Teague will play heavy minutes and look awesome and not so awesome, and we will read way to much into a performance of our future 12th man based on Steve Holman narrations and box score stats.

Since that is that, I figure I will let you know what I gleamed from the season ticket holder festivities and open practice yesterday. I know you have been waiting for this!

  1. Randolph Morris apparently hates basketball. Because he was all smiles, incredibly friendly, actually made eye contact with you at the autograph table. Man was down right personable. Again, he must really hate basketball.
  2. Don't mess with Al Horford's college basketball knowledge. My friend mentioned to him that he went to Villanova as a form of compliment since the Gators wrecked havoc on a couple of Nova's seasons. Horford wanted none of it, "Don't complain" he said, "you beat us in 2005. You're the only team that can say that." Note to self, Al Horford was good at basketball in college.
  3. Josh Smith ardently complained throughout a game of family feud.
  4. It took Hawks players three guesses before they put up "Jordan and Pippin" as one of the best duos in NBA history. Frank Robinson said Stockton and Malone before them.
  5. Guys who take weight lifting very seriously, "Al Horford, Marvin Williams, Mario West, and Joe Johnson." How is Marvin Williams not really good again?
  6. The Hawks run a lot in practice and Mike Bibby makes sure he runs the very least possible.
  7. In weave drill, Jeff Teague nonchalantly missed a layup, and someone in the crowd yelled "Come on Jeff!" On the next trip down, Teague dunked the ever living crap out of the ball.
  8. Basketball players are fast.

Did I miss something about Saturday? Are you weirdly drawn to preseason basketball on the radio? Do you want to make outrageous assumptions based on a box score? Mock a Woody post game quote? Have thoughts on the new look Pistons? Hit up the comments of this game thread for all your pre, post and in-game vents, facts, and wild accusations.

Go Hawks!