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Hawks 105, Nets 88 or how to stop the bleeding

Box Score


If I was not watching this game via the DVR, the 7-0 Nets start would have resulted in some wall punching. I was that on edge for this one.

I just don't like this team. I mean each time a Nets player flashed on the screen, I would explain to my roommate in very clear terms why I strongly disliked that player. And apparently I hate the whole team because if I found something for every dang one of them. I guess that is what happens when a team is going for a season sweep of your team.

Vince Carter, Devin Harris, Ryan Anderson, Brook Lopez, none of them are invited to my next birthday party. Its as if they don't even care that their play hurts my feelings. Is there any other team in the league that is scared of Ryan Anderson? The Nets have beaten my spirit down so badly that I only have hate left. Pure, unadulterated fan hatred.

So the DVR sanctioned foreknowledge saved my walls and eased my soul. It allowed me to enjoy the game. I only yelled at the tv three to four times. But that might just be because it was early in the morning.

Notes, Thoughts, and Queries

  • Bret over at Hoopinion articulates something I could not agree with more:

Even on an off night, Smith remains complex, garnering 6 assists against a single turnover and blocking two shots. In that respect, Smith's struggles are no different than those recent struggles of Bibby and Johnson. None of the three can play so badly as to be completely worthless even for a single night. What certainly looked different, however, was that whereas Mike Woodson really can't not play either Bibby or Johnson, he can not play Josh Smith without adverse effect.

This problem is why I asked Rick Sund about finding help in the draft or free agency at the number two and probably why he choose to answer a different question in responding. Because we do need someone that can play the guard position in a way that can offset our starters off nights.

  • Despite the DVR, I still found ways to hate Derrick Anderson.
  • Glad to see Mike Bibby coming out of his slump, but it also allowed me to focus a little more on his defense, and that man has to be one of the worst foul givers in the league. It is like they actually help the offensive player make the shot.
  • I am not sure how I feel about the Acie and Bibby on the floor together, but I do like that Woodson is at least trying different things. If you told me he engraved his sub rotation in concrete at the start of the season, I would not be that shocked. Mix it up. See what works.
  • At 72-70 with about three minutes to go in the third, Joe dribbled in and out of the defense, cross overed the crap out of his defender, drove again, took contact from Josh Boone and made a difficult floater. That right there is the difference between Joe on and Joe off. He is incredible when he is on, but the common denominator is Joe is working way too hard. 
  • For the most part, the Hawks pick and roll defense makes me cry.
  • I am liking the way Marvin is playing. Put backs. Cutting to the basket. Timely threes. Getting to the free throw line.
  • Acie should have had a couple more assists or possible assists but people just did not catch his passes. I don't have any reasons, but I like Acie.
  • After doing a little hate on Sekou's stats about the Hawks fourth quarter point differential, I have to give credit where credit is due. The Hawks came in with a lead and extended it in the final frame last night. I am totally fine with being proven wrong....I am still right though :)
  • A decently easy win and Joe still played 43 minutes on the front end of a back to back. Errrr.

A solid, much need win. And hey 26-31 from the line! Sweet necture of life!