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Sekou blog and comments don't tell the whole story and yet tell so much

First, a moment of praise. I don't read other beat writers regularly but Sekou Smith does work. If the AJC will pay for him to be at a game, he is there, and you get at least two stories out of it too. If there is something to blog about, he will. The dude is a machine. I really respect him. That does not mean I always agree with him, but he is great at his job. You could almost have a blog simply in reaction to his blog.

And today is no different.

Mark Price, clearly distraught over his new nocternal habit, is putting in some extra time with Josh.

"The first sight you see after stepping through the doors to the Hawks’ practice court this morning is Josh Smith at the free throw line with Mark Price advising (which as it turns out is the same way they finished practice)."

Sekou then goes on to say that free throw shooting is an issue but not the issue. And although he refuses to go into those other issues, he does bring a little positivity to the discussion.

As of Jan. 26, the Hawks ranked first in the entire NBA in net points in the fourth quarter (+2.4) and fourth quarter winning percentage (63%), two sure signs of an accomplished team that has the pieces and parts to excel with the game on the line.

I agree with Sekou that it is an impressive stat. However, the great teams lose fourth quarters more often than not because they don't have to win them. Cleveland is undefeated at home because of games like the one the Hawks played up there where the Cavs could lose the fourth by 10 and still easily win. Sekou bring up a good stat but not one that make me feel much better.

And then in the comments the most general indictment you will ever see.

By Sekou K. Smith

January 29, 2009 4:21 PM | 

I don’t mind someone coming at me, provided it has some basis in reality.

And let’s be real here, Mike Woodson’s is knee-deep in this mess as well. That’s a given. If his team isn’t performing, ultimately it rests on him. He knows it just like we do.

But if you’re wanting me to call for someone’s head on a blog, you’ve clearly confused the purpose of this forum. I’m neither authorized no paid to offer up those sorts of opinions. That’s the domain of guys like Mark Bradley, Jeff Schultz and Terence Moore.

That said, I believe it’s obvious that whatever the Hawks have done in the past 12 games has not worked. Now we can study and debate the causes (or at least what we think are the causes for this current slide) or some of you can try and stir it up by taking shots at me or someone else and risk bogging us down in the petty foolishness

Can one not hate on Mike Woodson while still hating on him more than this? Well done Mr. Smith, well done.