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Childress, blog night, and pretend media access


"I'll smile, I'll say the right thing, but I ain't going anywhere to eat but TGIFridays."

Sekou Smith has finally posted his long hinted at interview with Josh Childress. If you have even offhandedly thought about Childress over the past few months, this story provides little new info.

He likes Obama. His Greek is still limited to things you wouldn't say in church. And he continues to drop quotes that say he is happy with his oversees move without ever really saying why.

Exhibit A:

Q. So much was written, said and rumored about your departure for Greece. Now that you’re months removed from the initial decision, what sticks out to you about why you made the move?

A. Well when I first left, there was so much going on and it was a bit overwhelming for me. I was doing interviews left and right and I think it was a surprise for a lot of people. I was walking into a situation where I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit nervous about it. However, I am happy I made the decision. I took the road less traveled and have been able to put myself in a pretty good position career-wise while learning a lot in the process.

As the interview answers appear to be scripted by Childress' agent, I bring it up only to say this... the Atlanta Spirit are taking advantage of the first Sunday evening without football to pool the excitement for the tens of people who read Hawks blogs by bring forth Hawks blog night 2k9.

In all honesty, Micah puts together a really great night. It is like a "Hawks gives back night" to bloggers. And while I am not sure what we actually ever give them to deserve such a night, I always rsvp with both gusto and vigor.

This year blog night 2k9 includes a Q&A with Hawks GM Rick Sund. I plan to fall over my words as I ask a question about Childress and what the Hawks' plan of action is now that our rejected offer seems more than generous in the current NBA market, and I would be more than happy to look like an idiot for you as well. So please, let me know if you have any burning questions. Any and all will be asked. No promises on actual answers.