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Warriors 119 Hawks 114



Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
ATL 98.7 1.15 50 25.3 24.5 10.1
GS 98.7 1.20 56.2 34.6 27 13.2

During the first quarter, I made a note which read, "When was the last time Mo Evans played a good game?" The answer to that question is now, January 16th in Golden State. The circumstances which made Evans' fine performance possible are unfortunate* at best.

*Heal fast, Marvin.

Also unfortunate is that Mo Evans' line is the only thing a Hawks fan can fully feel good about this morning. Joe Johnson's 8-8 start from the field was followed by a 1-12 finish from the field. Mike Bibby's fine offensive performance in the fourth quarter came at the cost of Mike Bibby's inability to help stop Golden State from scoring.

Unadulterated bad feelings abound from both the reminder of how little Flip Murray contributes when he's not scoring* and that Josh Smith managed to get outrebounded by a man who spent most of the game at the hospital. 5 rebounds in 38 minutes of a game that featured 90 missed field goals? Poor. Very, very poor.

*To be fair, Flip played very well for a 30 second stretch of the fourth quarter.

Mike Woodson on Marvin Williams:

"Right now he's still being evaluated for a head injury. We just wish him well and a speedy recovery. We don't even know if he's going to make the trip back, so we'll just have to see.''

Things may be a bit slow here for the next few days but, fear not, service will return to normal* shortly. The game threads will appear like clockwork for your pre-, in-, and post-game thoughts. Also feel free to make use of all the amenities here: FanPosts for your lengthier ruminations on a given topic and FanShots for choice links.

*If not better than ever.