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Hawks 97 Clippers 80



Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
ATL 85.9 1.13 54.1 24.6 15 10.5
LAC 85.9 0.93 44.5 20.5 29.3 20.9

I don't think there's reason to lavish praise on the Hawks for ending their four-game losing streak with a win over a Clippers team that lacks both talent and cohesion nor do I think there's any reason to criticize the team for failing to dismiss their opponent in style. The Hawks took care of business. It was a workmanlike effort. A win is a win. (Insert your preferred cliche in this space.)

Good to see Joe Johnson make some shots. Good to see Josh Smith (mostly) attack the basket. Good to see Acie Law IV get a single stint for a second consecutive night and play fairly well. Good not to see Marvin Williams clutching at any joints or appendages. Good to see Flip Murray play well again.

Solomon Jones must have disappointed those who hold out hope for him. His meager stat line accurately represented his contributions. He's a non-factor when not fouling or falling into an opportunity to dunk the ball. Compare his line with Zaza Pachulia's (who played but a minute more than Jones). Hell, compare Jones's line with DeAndre Jordan's and remember that this time last year, Jordan was playing his way out of the rotation of a mediocre Texas A&M squad.

Josh Smith has discovered the secret of playing well early is to redefine early:

"We definitely wanted to come out and establish ourselves early. We weren't able to do it in the first quarter, but we did over the last three."

The Human Highlight Blog is also willing to stretch the definition of success.