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Game Thread #36: Philadelphia at Atlanta, January 11th

WHO: Philadelphia at Atlanta (22-13)

WHEN: 2pm

WHERE: No local TV, Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass

Injury Report: Al Horford is questionable. For Philadelphia, Elton Brand and Jason Ssith are out.

Game Notes

For Entertainment Purposes Only: Atlanta -6.5, 196 o/u

Blogging With the Enemy: Liberty Ballers

The Hawks continue their efforts to promote League Pass as they once more choose not to broadcast the game locally.

Pre-game reading...

"It was a no-brainer. I felt, and I’m sure Billy and everybody else involved felt, Bibby would fit perfectly because he’s a great pick and roll player and could create shots for everybody, as well as being a guy who makes big shots, a guy that isn’t afraid to take and will make big shots. Plus, he’s a veteran. It wasn’t like we were bringing in some untested guy.”

If they come here untested, they're sure to leave in the same condition.

"The ball has bounced our way for the past few games," said point guard Andre Miller, who scored 22 points Friday and whose all-around play has been an integral part of the Sixers' improved play. "We picked up our defense, the bench is forming, and the young guys are getting better. Elton Brand will come back, and we will just get better."

Miller added, "We want to hit teams before they hit us. That's what I am thinking before the game starts."