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Checking In As Training Camp Opens

Media Day takes place today. The first practice takes place tomorrow. Thus, some proper news trickles out and a bit of local media attention shines on the Hawks.

  • Despite the various news feeds and google alerts I have set up, the Hawks somehow managed to make an official announcement of their training camp roster on Friday without me knowing about it. The usual suspects are present plus Olumide Oyejedi, Marcus Hubbard (2007-08 stats), and Frank Robinson (2007-08 stats). More on those three coming later this week.
  • Sekou Smith asks and answers five questions about the upcoming season. I'm on board with four of his answers but continue to insist that while expecting Maurice Evans and Flip Murray to replace the volume of Josh Childress's production is reasonable they will not be able to do so anywhere near as efficiently as Childress did.
  • Mike Woodson gets a short profile in the paper which highlights his "resiliency." Certainly makes for a better headline than "organizational inertia." If the head coach continues making published remarks such as this:

"It’s going to take me and my staff and the players to make this thing work. Because we came full circle last season from where we started. Now it’s up to us to extend this circle."

I'm going to need to demonstrate some resiliency myself.

  • Finally, in the latest in my informal series of highlighting worthwhile team previews from around the web, Dime posits the Hawks' best-case scenario as culminating with a trip to the second-round of the playoffs and their worst-case scenario as a return to the lottery. A pretty unassailable assessment but better to be correct than provocative, I contend.