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Welcome to Peachtree Hoops

I assume I'm welcoming two groups of people here. 1) Those of you who have arrived because Peachtree Hoops has appeared on the SBNation network and 2) Those of you who have read Hoopinion.

For the former I look forward to providing as much as, if not more than, you want to know about the Atlanta Hawks during the 2008-09 season. My thoughts on the 2007-08 season can be found here.

For the latter, here's a primer for how to use Peachtree Hoops.

First, create an account for SBNation. Once you do that you can join this blog and any other SBNation blogs that catch your fancy.

Once you have an account and have joined Peachtree Hoops you'll be free to participate by commenting on posts, initiating your own topic for discussion by writing a FanPost, or sharing video, quotes, links, photos, or chat transcripts in a FanShot.

For further guidance, check out the Welcome Guide.

I look forward to your contributions.