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Hawks 83 Bobcats 79



Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
CHA 85.1 0.93 41.9 15 10 7.1
ATL 85.1 0.98 47.4 13 27.5 11.8

I'll keep this brief as I missed the game last night* and spent most of this morning waiting for my car to be repaired while overhearing against my will an impassioned conversation about the dangers of the "European military" to Americans and the highly orchestrated lies of the mainstream media.

*I followed the fourth quarter online. Not witnessing the events is little comfort when you still know that the Hawks know no better way to ice a game than have Josh Smith shoot 18-foot jump shots as the shot clock winds down. But, hey, when you hold the other team to 11 points in the fourth quarter, you're own offense has plenty of margin for familiar, repeatable error.

Quick notes...

  • Josh Smith got the Horford treatment again. He sat the final 14:15 of the first half with two fouls. He finished the game with three personal fouls in 33:44.
  • Who thinks that Acie Law IV would get to play 6:36 of the fourth quarter if his first half line was 0-5 FGA, 0-2 3PTA, and two turnovers? I guess when Flip Murray posts that line it just suggests to Mike Woodson that he's due to flip the switch.
  • Joe Johnson was apparently awesome.

Speak of the devil...Joe Johnson wins Quote of the Night:

"We have a tendency to make things harder than they have to be. This is a game we should have won going away. But we always seem to make it harder on ourselves.”


Full service to resume as soon as humanly possible.