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Outside the Lines Visits Josh Childress

There's some video accompanying the article but the full feature won't be shown until Outside the Lines airs at 9am this Sunday.

Josh on Athens:

"They're a little bit more passionate about their sports here. You see tons of people in the street who just love you just because you play for their team."

On his role for Olympiacos:

"I can tell you they don't want me to score 30. They don't want me to score 25. Probably don't want me to score 20. They want me to be well-rounded."

On how his decision will influence other American players:

"Some people say 'groundbreaker.' Some say 'trailblazer.' I say I'm the test dummy. I'm the guy who's gonna test it out for everyone else. See if I enjoy it. Then obviously I think a lot of other guys will maybe make the transition."