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Game Thread #13: Atlanta @ Cleveland, November 23rd

: Atlanta (8-4) at Cleveland (9-3)

WHEN: 7:30pm

WHERE: Fox Sports South HD, Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass

Injury Report: Josh Smith is out. Wally Szczerbiak is out.

Game Notes

For Entertainment Purposes Only: Cleveland -11.5, 197 o/u

Blogging With the Enemy: Fear the Sword

Lorenzen Wright says lots of nice things about the Hawks but comes off as a rather unreliable narrator.

My worries tonight...

  1. LeBron James
  2. Who will attempt and fail to guard Mo Williams?
  3. A healthy Zydrunas Ilgauskas dominating the less-healthy Zaza Pachulia and Al Horford

See you in the comments at 7:30.