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Hawks 88 Bobcats 83



Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
CHA 89.7 0.93 46.8 12.8 17.5 16.7
ATL 89.7 0.98 52.3 30.8 22.2 23.4

A question for the forum: How can the same team that looks completely incapable of getting the ball to Joe Johnson in the post when he's guarded by either Raymond Felton or Matt Carroll for almost an entire quarter also be able to get wide open three-point shots at will for the final eight-and-a-half minutes of the game?

I'm thoroughly flummoxed. Any insight would be appreciated.

Some things I do know...

  • I won't be going out of my way to watch the Bobcats/Wizards game on December 23rd.
  • Marvin Williams is a significantly better player than he was at the end of last season.
  • Maurice Evans* is rock solid.
  • The Hawks' difficulty guarding opposing point guards will continue unabated. Last night further demonstrated that neither Mike Bibby nor Acie Law IV can stay with NBA point guards and that Flip Murray cannot both pressure the ball and stay in front of his man.
  • Raymond Felton is thoroughly discombobulated. I don't know if he's lost all confidence in his game or just isn't very good. He needs a new team. I'm not as sure as I was yesterday that I'm interested in the Hawks being that team.
  • Neither Al Horford nor Zaza Pachulia are completely healthy.
  • I hope Dominique Wilkins' (wonderful) title, Vice President of Basketball, caries no real player personnel decision responsibilities. During last night's broadcast he expressed serious dismay regarding the Knicks decision to trade Jamal Crawford because Crawford is "a great young point guard." I say the following as someone who likes Jamal Crawford and believe him to be a useful player: neither of those adjectives nor that noun are descriptive of him. Best not to get into 'Nique's assertion that Joe Johnson doesn't shoot that many free throws because he's "so efficient."

*Am I the only one indulging in fantasies of the Hawks not screwing up Josh Childress's restricted free agency and signing Maurice Evans. That's the foundation of a 50-win team's bench.

(This is where I'd normally include any and all interesting post-game quotes.)


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