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Game Thread #11: Washington @ Atlanta, November 19th

: Washington (1-7) at Atlanta (6-4)

WHEN: 7pm

WHERE: Fox Sports South, Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass

Injury Report: Josh Smith is out. Al Horford* is a game-time decision. For Washington, Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood are out. Antonio Daniels is doubtful.

*I say don't play Al unless he's really healthy. No need to exacerbate his injury. Bear in mind, I have weak ankles.

Conditioning Report: Andray Blatche is out of shape.

Mean-spirited Follow-up Comment to the Conditioning Report: Andray Blatche is still better than any healthy big man on the Hawks roster.

Joke for Drew: Seat Randolph Morris next to Andray Blatche on the bench and I predcit you'll get a reaction from Randolph.

Joke from Basketbawful: Randolph Morris "sounds like an unfiltered cigarette."

Game Notes

For Entertainment Purposes Only: Atlanta -7.5, 199.5 o/u

Blogging With the Enemy: Bullets Forever, Truth About It

A quote from Eddie Jordan following last night's loss:

"This team is built a certain way, fellows. his team is built for Gilbert Arenas to lead us. This team is built for our All-Star forwards to carry the wings for us, and for Brendan Haywood to have a career year manning the middle for us. We don't have those things. And this team, you're asking people to do things that they're not capable of doing. You've got young guys who aren't going to make veteran plays night-in and night-out. You've got to stay positive, but you've got to be realistic about things."

One to rival Joe Johnson's Tuesday night proclamation "We can’t beat anybody like this."

Wizznutzz on Eddie Jordan's performance year-to-date, as of last Wednesday:

And DC kids start yelling "Fire Coach Jordan!" and "Blow It Up!" and "Pass The Sharpie!" and "Hopla-Hopla-Horray!"

Sure all thingz were pointing to an Annus Horribilis, and were not talking about Steve Blakes new niteclub on K Street (Biz Markie, VIP group showers, whats not to like?!)

Sure Coach looked overwelmed these first few weeks. The Princeton offense was out of sorts and even worse was the Steinitz Defense - not the famous one, but the less known one the chess hustlers in the park call "Pawns Fall Down."

Coach was emptying the bench quicker than when Justice Scalia ruled on Gay Seals V. Jesus!

Watching Eddie coach last week wuz like watching a dude trapped in a Bergman film having to play Jenga against Death!!!

See you in the comments.