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Orlando Sentinel: Maurice Evans Q&A

Kyle Hightower interviews Maurice Evans.

I think it's possible to read this interview and conclude that signing with the Atlanta Hawks was not Maurice Evans' first (or second) choice this summer. Not that there's any indication that that this will adversely affect his play.

Have you made the transition to being a Hawk yet?
“It’s still really fresh in my mind because I still have to make the transition from being apart of the Orlando Magic. I felt like we built something really strong last year and getting almost everything we set out to accomplish last year.”


What happened with Golden State? Word on the street was that was a done deal?
“I was contacted by at least 12 teams and in my opinion I was thinking San Antonio or some place like that because I had had so many meetings with them. They wind up doing the total opposite of what they said they were going to do. It was a rough summer as far as contracts were concerned. You could tell that with Keyon and the frustrations that he had.

(Said it was a situation where nobody seemed to “want to step up and make decisions” and nearly wound up taking the European route like Childress with Olympiakos, who had contacted him.)

“It was a crazy whirlwind summer. Teams from Europe were paying crazy money. Teams in the NBA weren’t really making really strong decisions except with the Gilbert Arenas-type players. It was just a weird summer.”